7 Top Home Remedies for Receding Gums – Get Instant Relief

Receding Gums : The thought of visiting the dentist can make even the bravest of people whine and whimper at having to do so. There’s just something about toothaches that can be quite unnerving. Nevertheless, taking care of our teeth and oral hygiene is of utmost importance for our overall well being. Be it gingivitis, or a simple tooth sensitivity, all dental conditions need immediate attention and are not to be neglected out of fear for dentists.

Having said that, have you noticed your teeth retreating or receding inwards so much so that it creates a space between your teeth and gums? If yes, then you could be suffering from one of the most common dental problems, receding gums. This causes bacteria to penetrate the gums, which later start damaging the tissues.

Some of the reasons for receding gums may include heredity, improper dental hygiene, hormonal imbalances, periodontal disease and excessive/aggressive brushing of the teeth. The news to rejoice in however is that this gum disease can be treated naturally at your own home. This should keep you away from the dentist for some time at least, though the  methods are said to cure the condition completely, thus preventing the necessity of having to visit a dentist at all. After some research, we have identified a few natural remedies that can be performed at home so as to control the worsening of your teeth and gums.

Home Remedies For Receding Gums Treatment

Get Instant Relief to Receding Gums

Get Instant Relief to Receding Gums

1. Green Tea

Green tea is not only a crowd favorite for physical fitness and health, but it also decreases the damage caused by receding gums. Praise the antioxidant properties present in the green tea, the deterioration of the gums and teeth can now be prevented, and in fact treated.

How it helps: What antioxidants do best is destroying the bacteria present in the mouth thereby reducing any form of gum inflammation. As a result, the occurrence of periodontal disease is less likely to arise.

How to use it:  Take water and warm it. Ensure it does not reach the boiling point due to overheating. Pour the warm water in a cup. Place the green tea bag into the cup and let it steep about 5 minutes, just enough time for the antioxidants to seep into the water. Remove the tea bag and sip away the delightful concoction.

2. Clove

If you think that cloves only add a flavorful spice to your dishes and savories, then think again. Because apparently,  it helps with problems related to receding gums, oral infections and decaying teeth too. Used for centuries now, it is a tried and tested ingredient for home remedies of all kinds.

How it helps: Owing to its powerful antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, cloves help clean the affected oral cavity area by stimulating the repair and re-growth of any tissues that have been damaged.

How to use it: After frequent use, cloves help prevent and put a stop to infection of the mouth. Using a clean finger or a hygienic toothbrush, apply clove oil to the affected gums and gently massage the area.

3. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil not only proves important for a range of multi-faceted activities,  a great amount included in cooking is a great help when it comes to oral problems as well.

How it helps: It effectively eliminates harmful substances from the mouth and carefully diminishes plaque buildup which can be a cause for receding gums. It also helps to remove unnecessary toxins and excess plaque from the mouth.

How to use it: Measure a quarter cup of this oil and swish it in your mouth for about 30 seconds before you brush your teeth. The oil can also be slightly warmed and used before gargling as it helps prevent dental decay and gum recession by providing a protective coating on the gums.

4. Aloe Vera

Thanks to its healing properties, aloe always made an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin problems, allergies and hair dilemmas. What you didn’t know that it also assists in protecting gums and teeth.

How it helps: Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, aloe vera helps in reducing the after effects that are caused by receding gums. It is also beneficial in the case of oral infections and heals damaged gums.

How to use it: Cut a fresh piece of aloe vera and use its gel to brush your teeth. You can also use it after your regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash.

5. Myrrh

Popularly known for its ability to stop and reduce gum recession, this biblical resin that comes from trees is a very important and effective home remedy when it comes to tackling oral troubles.

How it helps: It prevents root exposure along with excessive damage to the teeth and gums. Possessing distinct abilities to strengthen gums, it lessens the risk of gum diseases and gum recession.

How to use it: Depending on your individual preference, the resin can be used as a paste or as a rinse wash.

6. Coconut Oil

We all know the multi-purpose qualities of coconut oil; however, it is also a brilliant alternative to reduce gum recession. Not only is it anti-bacterial in nature, but it also helps to treat the various conditions that can cause teeth problems and other bacteria-related gum diseases.

How it helps: This oil can help thwart the overgrowth of new bacteria and germs, prevent tooth decay and eliminate pre-existing bacteria as well as food particles that get stuck in our teeth.

How to use it: Use it as a mouthwash, swishing it in the mouth for 30 seconds on a daily basis to prevent receding gums and to maintain an overall oral hygiene.

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is an amazing alternative to combat annoying migraines and nerve wracking colds that occur from time to time. But that’s not all, it also prevents tooth decay, gum diseases and relieves tooth sensitivity.

How it helps: It works by killing the germ causing organisms, thereby preventing mouth diseases and gum recession. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce swellings of the gum while also stimulating new tissue growth.

How to use it: On its own, eucalyptus oil is comparatively strong for the use on gums and teeth and so it has to be diluted with water before application. By taking a small quantity of the mixture of the oil and water on a clean finger or on a soft-bristled toothbrush, massage the gums for a few minutes and leave it on for about couple of minutes before rinsing off.

Now that you know quite a few tips and tricks to handle those pearly whites and their gum problems aplenty, get started and do try them out yourself.  We are certain that after trying your hand at them, you will want to show off those sparkling teeth and gums for everyone to see and notice! Do see a doctor immediately, should the problem persist or worsen. Good luck, and leave us a feedback in the comment section below!

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