How to Get Rid of Toothache? Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

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Home Remedies for Toothache – As common as a it may be, trying to get rid of a toothache is always a struggle. The pain in tooth is usually very throbbing and continuous, thus makes concentration a difficult task. Toothache can vary greatly starting from mild pain to throbbing, unbearable pain, usually around your jaws, imprisoning your senses and thinking capability. Toothache is in fact one of the most feared conditions.

Cavities, loose fillings, a cracked tooth, an abscess (a pocket of infection at the gum line), are some of the factors that lead to the ugly, unbearable toothache. In case of urgency or unavailability of medical assistance, these home remedies should be able to provide relief from a throbbing toothache and put you at ease.

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache


How to Get Rid of Toothache? Home Remedies for Toothache


1. Using ice to get rid of toothache

To get rid of toothache with ice, wrap a small ice cube in a muslin cloth piece or a plastic bag and place it on the tooth. This will calm the nerves down and give you a temporary relief. You can also place this on your cheek (where you have pain) to get rid of the pain.


2. How to get rid of toothache by pepper and salt:

Pepper and salt when used together can be a great natural remedy for toothache. They have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that relieve pain.

Mix pepper and salt with a few drops of water to form a paste and apply this directly to the affected or sensitive  tooth. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then gargle. Do this daily.


3. How to get rid of toothache by using garlic:

Garlic is another ingredient which can be used to get rid of toothache due to its antibacterial and medicinal properties. Garlic is also claimed to relieve pain in a jiffy.

It is always better to use fresh garlic cloves, but you can also use garlic powder which is available commercially. Crush garlic with some salt (black salt would be a better option) to form a thick paste. Apply this paste directly to the affected tooth to get rid of the ache. You may also chew a few cloves of raw garlic (if you don’t mind the taste) for a temporary relief. Repeat this two to three times daily until the pain is gone.


4. Using asafoetida and lemon:

Asafoetida( Heeng -हींग) is another easy home remedy to get rid of toothache.

Take a pinch of powdered asafoetida and few drops of lemon juice. Mix these ingredients together and heat it up just slightly until it turns warm. With the help of a cotton pad, apply this mixture to the affected tooth for a quick relief. Alternatively, you can also heat asafoetida with clarified butter. This works just as well to relieve the ache.


5. Peppermint tea remedy for toothache:

Peppermint is flavorsome and is popular for its cooling and calming properties. It also has a numbing effect, which makes it a great remedy for toothache. Boil a teaspoon of peppermint leaves in half a cup of water for a few minutes. Let this mixture cool and use it to gargle. If you do not have access to peppermint leaves, you can also use regular black tea bag. Wet the tea bag and place this on the affected tooth for instant relief.


6. How to get rid of toothache with Warm Salt Water:

Warm salt water can help in reducing swelling and inflammation. It also fights bacteria-associated infections.

Get a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of salt to it. Rinse your mouth with this solution regularly.


7. How to get rid of toothache with mustard oil and salt:

This is an ancient home remedy to get rid of toothache. It is known to provide both instant and long term relief from toothache when used religiously for over a week or more.

Mix a tablespoon of common salt with a teaspoon of mustard oil, to form a rough paste. Brush your teeth with this, and gargle. Later, you may brush again with your usual toothpaste.


8. How to get rid of toothache with clove:

Clove has many medicinal properties and is used as a home remedy for a lot of ailments due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. There are many ways by which cloves can be used to get rid of toothache.

  • Clove concoction: Take few buds of cloves and boil in a glass of water. Let this solution cool and rinse your mouth with it.
  • Clove oil: Take a few drops of clove oil and put it on the affected area. Let it sit there for few minutes and rinse your mouth with cold water afterwards.
  • Chew few buds of clove and let the juices seep through to get an instant relief from toothache.


9. How to get rid of toothache with guava leaves:

Chewing soft and tender guava leaves too can help get rid of toothache. Believe us when we say it is straight out of my grandmother’s book of home remedies.

Chew one or two leaves of guava and let the juice soak around the pained area for an instant relief from the throbbing pain. Another method is to boil a couple of guava leaves in a cup of water, letting it cool and later adding salt to it. Use this as a mouth rinse two to three times a day.


10. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is another popular remedy as it has numbing properties that can bring relief to an aching tooth.

Simply dip a swab of cotton in pure vanilla extract and place it on the affected area. Repeat this a few times a day until you get permanent relief.


Do let us know how helpful these remedies were. We welcome you to share any other remedies that your grandmother have taught you in the comment section below.

Note: Should the toothache persist for more than a couple of days, immediately see a dentist.

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